Is Your Ego Big Enough to Date?

I have met many people through my journey and exploration in the world of insecure dating. Insecure remarks like “I’m not good enough, nobody wants me. I’m not worthy of you. I’m ugly. I’m so fat.” Influenced by people who find the love of their lives. When people have these ideas, often, they blame the ego. That is the scapegoat today. If I blame someone or anything, I don’t have to take responsibility for my life. This is our biggest mistake in history; Blame and shame. Many cultures have been blamed for the problems of others, and now we do it with our ego.


What we need to understand about our ego is that we gave him a clue to reduce us so that we can be safe. Dating can be a frightening and intimidating place. Ideas such as “Can I measure the quality of others, what others think, is this approach adequate,” and so on. All of these are designed to keep us safe in our comfort zone. Dating is not about playing safe, so get rid of these negative thoughts. Learn to play the power of empathy and strength. Sympathy in your history and ability to appreciate yourself. When you value yourself, you let go of the fear and turn into love. It is the most powerful experience you can give in the dating world.

How do I do this? The answer is simple. You have a healthy ego. Ego can give you negative self-talk, like the negative statements above, however, it can help you make a positive speech about yourself. In the corporate world, many people use ego to advance. It can be a place of hope and strength. The larger the ego the better the smaller the ego. I do not mean to strengthen you, you have no sympathy for the other person if you do so. “I’m amazing, I’m sexy, I’m the right partner, I have a lot of love to give, I give a lot” and many things make you feel great about yourself. Use those wonderful qualities you have and share them where appropriate. When you truly believe in these qualities, you will learn that you can look for opportunities to share them from acceptance to acceptance.

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The biggest game you play is the game of life and history that is at the forefront of discovering enlightenment. As we embrace our ego, we can now capture that day and find unconditional love. Leave the restlessness and despair to choose peace and harmony. Remember your majesty, live your majesty, show your majesty to impress your partner

I am the author of the book “Ego Road: Experience the Only Glory”, and a coach/star in the series “Magnitude Your Made” and a personal attraction law based in Toronto, Ontario. My job is to help individuals find the love of their lives. It’s not about getting dating opportunities, it’s about finding a great relationship.

How to Talk With Girls – 4 Tips to Becoming a More Charismatic Conversationalist

When you talk to a woman who’s attracted to her, it’s important to avoid the “friend zone” from the start. The easiest way to do this is to engage in her emotions while talking to her. Remember: A woman listens to your speech at all levels. The biggest mistake most men make is to talk to a woman instead of to a man.

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The following tips will show you what is most attractive when talking to women.

Tip # 1: Funny and interesting, boring or unexpected

You want the conversation to be flowing and flowing. Try to keep the discussion fun and informal. Talk about interesting stories or related emotional passages from your life over the past few days. When you talk to a woman, simulate your feelings and inquire about them. Many women can talk for hours about how different they are from men, so any related topics will always drive the conversation in the right direction.

Avoid topics that are boring to women. Don’t talk about the last football game you’ve ever seen, one percent of the women who have already introduced soccer. Avoid negative topics such as why you hate your job or how annoying your colleagues are. Do not talk about anything related to your poor health, such as headaches or abdominal pain, as this will make you a complainant. Never lament, bitch or complain.

Controversial topics should be avoided. You may have ideas that you can exclude. If you raise a topic like politics or religion, try to deny it, but don’t be weak. It’s up to you to take the ball and send the conversation into another fun.

Tip # 2: How to Talk to Little Girls: Be confident and fun, not cock

The idea behind the fantasy/fun concept is that you want to be the service by having fun with the right balance. This combination works best if you have the right balance of glamor and humor tailored to the type of woman you’re talking to. Remember, if you try hard to be fun, you will get clumsy. On the other hand, if you are too thin and push your boundaries out of range, you will encounter an arrogance.

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Don’t make the same mistake you overstated. I have had more success talking to a woman by reducing the level of excitement by a few degrees. Women do not like arrogance. The sweet spot can tell you what you’re hoping for without proving it. If he compliments you, say “thank you” with a smile on your face, it was like you were always getting compliments from women. There is no need to return a compliment because they gave you one in the first place.

Sometimes it is good to be thin because it is a great thing to create sexual tension; Make sure to combine it with fun levels. Check out some David Letterman or Howard Stern to get an idea of ​​how to blend them between gravity and humor. They always seem to say something clever, but women always seem to laugh. This can be very powerful if you get the right combination.

How do you know if it works? She laughs.

Tip # 3: Be vigilant and don’t get in your head

Make eye contact when listening and talking to women, but don’t overdo it. Many players first learn eye contact from dating guides, but they see it as socially inept or different. If your eyes are constantly locked, you will be embarrassed. After saying this, don’t look too much because you are insecure or unsure of yourself.

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Find out what kind of woman you live by analyzing her body language and behaviors. Try to get into her head to understand the true meaning of what she is saying. The more you focus on it, the more self-conscious you feel. Shy men are often very worried about wasting their history on a date they spend in their head and feel somewhat nervous as if they were in a job interview. An easy way to eliminate any self-awareness is to listen attentively.

Tip # 4: Real, not approved

When you talk to a woman, you always have to end it, right? After all, women love compliments? Well, not necessarily. Women love real compliments. Don’t end it by saying “I like your watch very much”, waiting for your kindness to be acknowledged. This can only be a setback because its protection appears when you notice that you are seeking its approval. Women have almost a sixth sense when it comes to speech reading, so you don’t have to try to lie. Respect, but make it casual and real. Don’t overdo it. A real compliment on the first date is enough. Every first watch compliment will lose its effectiveness (100%, 50%, 20%… etc) so compliments will bother her.

Luke Victor is known internationally as my P number. Attitudes to help men achieve enormous success with women and relationships. He has gained the confidence of thousands of men in methods of attracting quality women and techniques that make women incredibly comfortable in bed.

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